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P & S designs and executes integrated security programs based on your needs and requirements .

Each project is uniquely designed and executed for our customers.

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P & S company designs and executes integrated security programs based on your needs and requirements.

P & S company specializes in providing high quality care facilities adapted to the specific characteristics of each Customer and its facilities.

We provide high quality security services focusing on the selection, training and supervision of our staff.
If you are seeking an organized, modern and certified security company you definetely looking for us.


P & S Security specializes in providing high quality care facilities adapted to the specific characteristics of each Customer and its facilities.

We provide high quality security services focusing on the selection, training and supervision of our staff.

Industries & Constructions

Our experience in projects Industrial plants, factories, construction sites and construction nationwide, combined with the proper use of the latest security technology to ensure the proper execution of long and demanding contracts in the industry.

So we guarantee to provide high quality services:

Facilities Extended Perimeter
Production facilities
Services Storage and distribution of raw materials – products
Office buildings
thus protecting the overall investment of our industrial customers


The safety from mainly thefts in commercial display areas, retail networks and supermarkets, is a factor that directly affects the profitability of the commercial enterprise.

The solutions we implement are based on modern technology and discrete methods such as:

  • Antitheft Protection Systems
  • Store Detectives
  • Video Analytics

At the same time, technological solutions that use extended to marketing applications such Line (Queue) Analysis and People Counting.


P & S Security services meet the strictest certifications – Safety standards and incorporate the latest generation systems – technologies to offer you absolute confidence in each value.

We can provide you with the best techno-economic solutions for every budget.

In the solutions provided include:

  • Branch security services and central services
  • Integrated electronic protection solutions (ATM, storage areas and handling securities, trading areas) as well as the central service facilities.
  • Alarm management, through visual and audible confirmation of the 24-hour Signal Management Center.
  • Transfer Exchange all forms
  • Support-managed ATM’s

Entertainment & Cultural Events

The provision of security services in places where cultural and sporting events take place, requires providers, adequate organizational and operational level.

P & S Security has the organizational structures, the necessary number of staff and years of experience to ensure the success of any ordinary or extraordinary entertainment,cultural or sporting event.


With this service, we provide complete and permanent control of all guarded areas of your home from the guard.
Control of external areas, carried out by a reliable, responsible, trained and experienced personnel, licensed security and continuous training in the most modern static security procedures in order to respond successfully to the constantly increasing risk forms.

This ensures your smooth and safe stay in your house.

Briefly, in case of danger, through Static Storage updated the

  • Police
  • Direct intervention of our company
  • Fire service (in case of fire event)

Our guards provide full coverage of the event  controlling and reporting the event, while restoring tranquility in the area.


With specially trained drivers with certified guardian permission and a fleet of modern, equipped with electronic tracking and recording vehicles, we take you onboard storage space.

If the permanent preservation seems expensive solution, our patrols are the ideal alternative and affordable solution.

Check-Direct intervention

With this specific servise we provide you a full inspection of the secured area by skilled and certified security personnel of our company for any signs of burglary, risk or damage in the guarded area. The audit may be external, perimeter or internal depending on the policy of each client.
In case of trouble our guard will immediatelly call by radio or mobile phone operator in the call center of our company and notify the police and the customer.

Electronic Protection

Effective conduct patrols in conjunction with other security measures (manned guarding, electronic security systems,perimeter protection,burglar alarm systems)can ensure maximum prevention rates at both malicious acts, and at the level of accidents and damage to facilities.

Video verification alarm

Your protection now achieved more efficiently and responsibly than ever, with the use of digital technology. The handlers of our 24-hour incident management center immediately see the event evolve through on-line video transmission of your space, the same time of the alarm!
More simply, when there is a violation, therefore alarm in the area, the handlers through the Video Verification service, have remote visual contact with the site, along with the alarm.
The image you see live, gives them the opportunity to directly evaluate the incident and can act accordingly. It is in other words able to know if the violations are false eg due to misuse, weather, technical failure, etc. or whether it is a real threat, armed robbery, vandalism and the exact number of perpetrators, the point of entry and movements!
The operators attending the event at the moment of achieving:
• Alarm Verification.
• Valid immediate and sustained evaluation.
• Imidiate response of the police and owners.

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Electronic Systems Protection

P & S Security cooperates with the most famous international equipment manufacturers and providing full Technical Security Systems such as:

  • Burglar alarm systems, connected and supervised by the Central station Incident to 24 protection to businesses and residences.
  • CCTV, surveillance systems, log analysis and image retrieval.
  • Control systems for recording and recovery of movement data Access.
  • Fire and Gas Detection Systems.

Incident Management Center

Our Incident Management Center operates on a 24/7 basis  in order to receive digital signals from emergency alarm system installed at the subscriber site, via phone line. processing alarms & Incidents ,Video Verification, Mobile Patrols and Manned Security operations are supported and coordinated 365 days a year.

The incoming signals are utilizing our trained staff which has been specialized in high security, with advanced computer system.

V.I.P protection

We design and execute integrated personal security programs based on the needs and your demands.

Our specially trained and certified V.I.P guards will provide your personal escort to your movements, your workplace, your home for you and to your beloved ones 24 hours a day -365 days a year.

Security Services in Port Facilities

In maritime safety, P & S Security also provides integrated security solutions to ports and port facilities, which include:
• Evaluation of the safety of the Port Facility and preparation of corresponding studies in accordance with the requirements of the International Code for the Security of Ships and Ports (ISPS Code)
• Developing security plans, development of relevant procedures and drawing up plans to deal with emergencies
• Port Facility Security (static and patrol)
• Control Passenger Cruise Ship and other
• Access Control Pedestrian and Motor manning access points
• Baggage Control, Cargo, Mail, Supplies and Inventory
• Management of Emergency incidents
• Preparation of hazard studies at port facilities
• Installation and management of CCTV systems and intrusion detection systems – Safety Patrols


focusing on the selection, training and supervision of our staff

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Each project is uniquely designed and executed for our customers.

Certifications – Licensing

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Certifications – Licensing

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